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When we at Torano family wines were embarking on this winemaking journey, a very well known and respected Sonoma Winery and vineyard owner gave me sage advice. The most important point being the quality of the fruit is 80% of what makes the best wine. The wine making aspect is of course crucial, but it all really starts in the vineyard.

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2012 Mi Cielo, Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley

This single vineyard Cabernet is source from a tiny hillside vineyard on the west side of Alexander Valley. This bowl shaped 3 acre vineyard has over 6000 vines in 4’ by 4’ spacing. This shape of this vineyard gives it exceptional drainage. Due to the slopes and spacing it has to be completely worked by hand and its small size gives us the ability to give our fruit the attention it deserves. A true expression of Terrior.

Russian River Petite Syrah, "Salome" 2013

In order to expand the varietals we were interested in producing, our search has taken us to the Russian River AVA, where we source our Petit Sirah fruit. One of the best sources for that fruit is Jim Landy’s Sweetwater Ranch Vineyard. This hilltop vineyard is the source of the darkest, most opulent Petit Sirah I have found in Sonoma County.
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